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Boland Tennis Afrigtersvereniging


A & B Afdelingtoernooi / Section Tournament

Derde been / Third leg: CERES / Tulbach / Wolseley / Worcester

WHEN: 27 April 2013

WHERE: CERES / Tulbach / Wolseley, Worcester

TIME: 08h00

Organiseerder/Organizer: ALMA GOOSEN

Cell: 083 443 0881 / Tel: 023 – 313 3056 / Faks: 023 – 313 3721


Acceptance List and Courts placement

Click here for Confirmed List of players entered for this Tournament:

Courts list

For addresses or directions to your specific venues, click on the "map" link in the tables below. A Google Maps page will open with all the venues listed on the left hand side and markers on the map on the right hand side. Click your specific venue on the left and the marker will be selected on the map. Now you can just use the slider on the map to zoom in until you see the location of the specific courts you need to be at.

Geen verversings te koop by enige van die Venues nie, maak assebief voorsiening vir al u eie behoeftes.


Group Courts Location Map
Boys u/9 B:Wolseley TennisklubMap
Boys u/10 A:Hamlet Dorp Tennis klubMap
Boys u/10 B:Hamlet FD Conradie LaerskoolMap
Boys u/11 A:Hoërskool Charlie HofmeyerMap
Boys u/11 B:Hoërskool Charlie HofmeyerMap
Boys u/12 A:Tulbagh Skool Map
Boys u/12 B:Hoërskool Charlie HofmeyerMap
Boys u/13 A:Hoërskool Drostdy WorcesterMap
Boys u/13 B:Hoërskool Gimnasium WorcesterMap
Boys u/14 A:Hoërskool Drostdy Worcester Map
Boys u/14 B:Hoërskool Gimnasium WorcesterMap
Boys u/16 A:Hoërskool Drostdy WorcesterMap
Boys u/16 B:Hoërskool Gimnasium WorcesterMap


Group Courts Location Map
Girls u/9 B:Wolseley Skool Map
Girls u/10 A:Laerskool Gericke, CeresMap
Girls u/10 B:Breërivier SkoolMap
Girls u/11 A:Tulbach Dorp Tennis klubMap
Girls u/11 B:Ceres Dorp Tennis klubMap
Girls u/12 A:Ceres Dorp Tennis klubMap
Girls u/12 B:Ceres Dorp Tennis klubMap
Girls u/13 A:Hoërskool Montana WorcesterMap
Girls u/13 B:Hoërskool Gimnasium WorcesterMap
Girls u/14 A:Montana Hoërskool, WorcesterMap
Girls u/14 B:No playersMap
Girls u/16 A:Hoërskool Montana WorcesterMap
Girls u/16 B:No playersMap

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