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Boland Tennis Afrigtersvereniging


A & B Afdelingtoernooi / Section Tournament

Vierde been / Fourth leg: ROBERTSON / Worcester

WHEN: 15 June 2013

WHERE: Robertson / Worcester

TIME: 08h00

Entry fees: R115

CLOSING DATE for entries is 6 JUNE 2013 (Geen laat inskrywings word aanvaar / No late entries will be accepted)

Organiseerder/Organizer: MICHELLE BRUWER

Cell: 0722269449 / Tel: 023 – 6262857 / Faks: 023 – 6262857


AANVAARDINGSLYS & BANE VANAF / ACCEPTANCE LIST & COURTS FROM 12 JUNE 2012. Beskikbaar op/Available at Rox courts or

BELANGRIK : Indien geen bewys van betaling ontvang is teen datum van aanvaardingslys nie, sal spelers van lys afgehaal word en nie aan die toernooi kan deelneem nie.
IMPORTANT : If no proof of payment has been received by the date of the acceptance list, such players will be removed from the list and will not be able to participate in the tournament.

Alle spelers moet 08h00 by die bane aanmeld / All players must report 08h00 at the courts.

INGEVAL VAN REEN / IN CASE OF RAIN: Navrae vanaf 06:00 / Enquiries from 06:00 Cell: 0722269449
Geen fooie word terugbetaal ingeval geen spel moontlik is weens reen nie / No fees will be paid back in case no play is possible because of rain.

Die toernooi word in A- en B-afdeling gespeel. / The tournament is played with an A and B-section.
Afdeling B vir die spelers met min of geen ondervinding / Section B for players with no or little experience.
Die reeks bestaan uit 5 toernooie deur die jaar en 'n Meesters. / The series consists of 5 tournaments through the year and a Masters.
Die 8 spelers met die meeste punte kwalifiseer vir die Meesters Toernooi. (0/9 - o/13 minimum van 3 toernooie moet gespeel word in een ouderdomsgroep, 0/14 en o/16 minimum 2 toernooie). Vir die volledige reels en verduideliking van reeks, besoek TENNISONLINE.ZA.NET of BolandTennis
The 8 players with the most points qualify for the Masters Tournament. (u/9 - u/13 minimum of 3 tournaments have to be played in one age group, u/14 and u/16 minimum 2 tournaments). For the complete list of rules and info about the series, visit TENNISONLINE.ZA.NET of BolandTennis

Enter Online at, ONLINE ENTRY FORM:, then Email proof of payment to:
or Fax Entry Form with deposit slip to : Fax: 023 – 6262857
or Email Entry Form with proof of payment to:

Bankbesonderhede / Bank details:
Account name: Micoach
Bank name: First National Bank (Savings account)
Account Number / Rekeningno. 62273554579 (spaar/savings)
Takkode : 200413
Verwysing / Reference : Naam van speler & ouderdomsgroep / Name of player & age group.

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